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Cooper (Ningbo) Electric Co. Ltd. ASN3i-12 intelligent AC metal enclosed switchgear has been named the "national key new products"


Recently, the Ministry of science and technology of China issued notice of the year 2014 on national science and technology projects, and Cooper (ASN3i-12 intelligent AC Ningbo) Electric Co., Ltd. metal closed switch equipment selected national key new product plan.
The national key new product plan is a promote enterprises independent innovation, accelerating the transformation of scientific and technological achievements industrialization for the purpose of, to encourage enterprises through independent innovation, and constantly develop new products, to upgrade the level of product technology, improve the market competitiveness of enterprises, and the adjustment of industrial structure, industrial optimization upgrade play a leading and exemplary role.
The project is our company according to today's smart grid demand combined with China power grid structure and characteristics of carefully developed a new generation of intelligent complete medium voltage switchgear. First, we use have been medium voltage intelligent online condition monitoring system can timely understand the working state of the circuit breaker and switch cabinet, defect, to reduce the number of premature or unnecessary power cut test and maintenance, reduce maintenance workload, reduce maintenance costs, improve maintenance targeted can significantly improve the reliability and economy of power system. First in 12kV switchgear, using the intelligent control system; adopts magnetic shield, magnetic partition and short circuit ring technology and process, effectively solve the current hysteresis, eddy current and magnetic induction caused by steel heating problem; products using built-in structure, novel design, reasonable, beautiful, to the leading domestic level; for product and get on the patent for utility model 4, 1 invention patents. Products applicable to 12 kV Three-Phase AC 50-60Hz power grid system, industrial and mining enterprises, power system electric energy receiving and distribution to provide reliable intelligent control, protection, measurement and control, visualization equipment condition monitoring, comprehensive performance diagnosis and external communication and remote monitoring, regulation and control functions. Application of products have been in the mass, Chong Sheng change project, reflecting the good. The successful development of the project, not only enhances the transmission and distribution fields with the implementation and application of intelligent technology, but also has great significance for promoting the development of technology development in China distribution intelligent power industry.
The product is also the Ningbo Economic Information Committee named the 2014 annual Ningbo key new product plans, and included in Ningbo key innovation promotion catalog, and was named the Zhejiang Provincial Machinery Industry Science and Technology Award project.
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