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CEC,CEC/F Contactor, Contactor-fuse combination

Cooper provide CEC,CEC/F, contactor and fuse-contactor combination for customers' diverse requirements such as motor, capacitor switching loads.
●Applied to 7.2~12kV system load (motor, distribution transformer, capacitor) especially under frequent switching circumstances. 
●The chopping value≤ 0.3A, efficiently inhibit overvoltage in the breaking process.
● Equipped  with the fuse of Cooper Bussmann, ensuring the fast and reliable tripping capability in case of short circuit.
●Using a reliable striker system and interlocking mechanism guarantee the reliable tripping of the contactor when the fuse melts down.
●Electromagnetic operating mechanism with simple structure, reliable operation, easy for maintain and manage
●Withdrawable design versatility can be used with conventional in the home-breaker switchgear wildcard.
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