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12kV Indoor Medium Voltage Intelligent Switchgear

ASN3i-12 is a new-generation intelligent medium-voltage switchgear developed by Thomas Edison R & D Center of Cooper Power Systems according to the needs of today’s smart grid as well as the structure and characteristics of Chinese power grid. It can provide intelligent, reliable control, protection, monitoring and control, and visual monitoring of device status, integrated performance diagnosis and external communications and remote monitoring and regulation in respect of the acceptance and distribution of power.
●The use of modern sensor technology, computer processing technology, condition monitoring, fault diagnosis technology and the communication technology is highly intelligent integrated into medium voltage switchgear; through the intelligent electronic devices, the intelligent modules are perfectly combined in the cabinet
●The dynamic simulation displaying of the primary circuit
●The intelligent operation in  a flexible and reliable way
●The visualized equipment action video
●The intelligent diagnosis of equipment status as well as general information alarm
●The electronized equipment management and maintenance
●IEC61850/MODBUS diverse intelligent communication
●The intelligent CEi equipped can be replaced with common circuit breaker in the same SPEC
●Customizable intelligent background information management and remote operating system
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